The Beekeeper Visit

This Term we are doing an enquiry about bees. We have lots of questions about the life of bees and how they go about making honey. Throughout the term we will hopefully find out the answers to our questions.

On Thursday of Week 2, Term 4 we had a local beekeeper, Mr Russell Burr, come along to speak to the junior team about bees and how he looks after beehives, including those at Mrs Woods' farm.

Mr Burr showed us how he lifts up the plates in the beehive to 
collect the honey.

Mr Burr was wearing his special beekeeper suit and he even got another junior child to dress up as his assistant. He wears a mesh helmet so that bees can not get around his face and sting him.

Mr Burr left some bees in a special hive at school so we could observe them closely on Friday. We could hear the buzz of all the bees and could see the many hexagonal cells and the small bees inside them. There were so many things going on in the hive - they certainly were very busy bees to watch!

The New Junior Playground

What an exciting Friday we had on 15 September with the arrival of new junior play equipment right outside our classroom. We all had a wonderful time exploring and testing it out - it will provide many hours of fun for lots of children! What an fabulous time to be in the junior team at Winchester School.

Shared Ethnic Lunch

We had a wonderful shared ethnic lunch at the end of our learning about 'It's a Small World'.  So many parents and family members joined us for this lovely sharing and we all enjoyed eating lots of different dishes. Many thanks to parents and caregivers who provided delicious kai for us to eat.

Learning Maths with Polyplugs

At Winchester School we use a great piece of equipment called Polyplugs for our maths learning. 
We have recently just started using them in Room 6. We use the plugs to create patterns and make numbers. Look at some of the interesting maths learning we have done. When its pack up time we carefully have to make sure there is a plug in every gap on the board! We all help each other to do this.

Visiting Hokowhitu Kindergarten

On Monday 4 September we took a walk down the road to visit Hokowhitu Kindergarten. For some of us, this was a catch up with our old kindy friends and teachers but for others of, this was our first time visiting this kindergarten. We had a wonderful time exploring all the many activities and particularly enjoyed playing outside in their amazing playground.  We would all love to visit there again!

The Mobile Library Visits Winchester School

On Monday 28 August, all the junior team classes had a short visit to the Mobile Library which was parked on Ruahine Street. We heard from Rob, the librarian, about the mobile library bus and got to browse the books. Those of us with library cards had the chance to issue a book. 

The mobile library has a regular stop outside Winchester School on a Wednesday after school so this is a great time for families to visit to return and issue new library books.